Since its founding in 1988, the VIDON Group has based its development on a set of strong values shared by the VIDON Group' partners and all its employees.

Closeness, professionalism, and international vision are the Group's three core values.


The VIDON Group is culturally committed to close contact with its Clients, always striving to build tailored, innovative services.

Throughout its expansion, the Group has taken the required measures to ensure that its experts are available and attentive to its Clients' requests.

Our staff members are always keen to build close ties with Clients and thus acquire the required knowledge of their specific environments. This enables them to put forward relevant proposals.

This closeness is also enhanced by rapid response, which drives each staff member to constantly adapt to the Client's changing needs, to offer them the solution most suited to their requirements in the shortest possible timeframe.


The VIDON Group strives to offer its Clients high quality and professionalism through high-value-added legal and technical services.

This value has earned the Group the trust of numerous Clients and a solid reputation in the field of intellectual property, something it is proud of.

Through the ongoing training of its teams and the wide scope of their exchanges on technical issues as well as legal matters, the VIDON Group can offer its Clients a constantly evolving range of high-level services.

International vision

The Group's European and Asian offices naturally give it broad international vision and great dynamism.

Within the Group, nearly 20 different nationalities and cultures work side-by-side on a daily basis, something which is very enriching and greatly enhances its capacity to listen.

The VIDON Group puts this wealth at its Clients' disposal by offering them services permeated with that vision, taking cultural gaps into consideration in an ever-expanding global economy.

With a current workforce of over one hundred people, the VIDON Group has turned a new page in its adventure, which it strives to write in the light of the values which its members of staff truly want to uphold and share: transparency & solidarity.