Vidon & Partners (Thailand) is internationally recognized as leading Intellectual Property Law Firm in Thailand. Our office handles exclusively intellectual property works covering registration (patent, trademark, design, copyright geographical indications) enforcement as well as anticonterfeiting, strategic advices, contract and litigation.

VIDON IP Law Group relies on more than 110 Patent Attorneys, Lawyers, Engineers and paralegals with scientific and/or legal degree.

Vidon & Partners (Thailand) entered into collaboration with several law firms worldwide, including specialized IP investigators in Thailand and is thus prominant for its investigation and litigation practice (especially with regard to copyright and trademark). Several of Vidon & Partners (Thailand) lawyers have also contributed to Thailand's landscape by drafting and providing input on legislation, such as law on geographical indications and copyright laws.

Set up in 1999, our Bangkok office employs eight trademark and patent attorneys, educated by top universities also involved in IP education providing lectures to various conferences and universities. Vidon & Partners (Thailand) is also active members of various international networks developing best relationships with Asian correspondents and organizations in one of the most challenging IP regions in the world.

Our firm believes that promotion of Intellectual property is a key factor of today's success and one should not jump into either the dynamic South East Asian or European Market without having determined a clear and well structured IP strategy.

With Offices in France, Germany, Spain, Thailand, and China, Vidon &Partners has a global presence in key markets. All our offices are equipped with the latest technologies in term of Visio conference systems, internal networks and secured storage equipments; are managed by multi-lingual post-graduated experienced attorneys, enabling us to resolve the most demanding and complex IP issues.